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The House That Was a School - A Story and Writing Assignment

Updated: Jul 5

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You know, we homeschoolers are different this time of year. Everyone else is getting ready to go away to school, while we are getting ready to start school at home. Maybe you've already started or are year-round homeschoolers. Every homeschooling family is unique - as they should be.

I thought of this book as Grandma Edie was reading a book called "School's First Day of School". That is such a great story! It's about a school that's getting ready to have it's first day of school.

Our school is our home. Have we ever thought about if our homes were alive? I put together this cute little story about our home that is our school. Go check it out! Just click on the picture below.

Now that you've read my story to your kids, have them write their very own story about your home and how it is a school! This would be a great writing activity for the first week of school. Let them have fun with it and use their imaginations!

Let the writing begin!!!

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