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The Crafty Classroom Review

Updated: Jul 5

When our oldest got to third grade, he was able to learn about the United States. Now that our youngest is in third grade, he gets his turn to learn more about this wonderful country that we live in. This includes regions, landmarks, and location in the world. During this year, he will be learning about each state individually as well as how it fits into the country. The Crafty Classroom has made this extremely easy to prepare for me by using its USA Activity Bundle.

It has truly been great to be able to just simply print the pages that we need for the state that we are studying and to just work through them. As part of The Crafty Classroom's USA Activity Bundle, you actually receive three books! Yes, you heard that right. Three books! There is the USA Activity Pack, the USA Maze Pack, and the State Bird Art Pack.

I have to admit that the USA Maze Pack is our son's favorite of the three. I mean, who wouldn't love to be able to do a maze for school? I love mazes and I thought that this was a great addition to learn about the states. I love that each maze is in the shape of its state so they are learning what the shape looks like as well as completing the maze.

Then there's the State Bird Art Pack. As you know, each state has their own state bird, while some even share the same bird. This is a great page that he colored and wrote a sentence about what he learned about the bird.

In this picture, he's looking up a video about Arizona's state bird, the Cactus Wren. He was able to hear what it sounded like as well as what colors to use on his page.

The USA Activity Pack gave us the main page for our state study. This includes: state flag, where it's located in the United States, capital, rivers & lakes, abbreviation, state #, nickname, state flower, and state bird. There's even a place for him to write at the bottom.

I really love this pack of books because it really guides him in his own study. I let him choose which state he wanted to start with. He picked Indiana, the state where he was born. After he finished with Indiana, he chose, Arizona (the state where we currently live), and then Oregon (the state where we just moved from). After Oregon, he chose Idaho and then Utah (states that we drove through to move to Arizona).

The USA Activity Bundle by The Crafty Classroom really lead me to help our new third grader to start working a little independently. I love this! We were able to use the state book that we already owned as well as the internet in order to find all of the information needed to fill in all of the spots on the pages for each state. I figured he would take about a week to complete each state. The first one, Indiana, took us longer than expected. He kind of fought me with writing anything. It was kind of like pulling teeth. There were tears. But, then again, he didn't want to do anything that week. He was having a rough week. The following weeks ended up being better.

After we finally completed Indiana, we were able to to move on to the other states, which didn't take as long (thank goodness). By the time we got to Idaho, he was practically finding all of the information by himself and he was leading the process. That makes this momma happy!

After we finished each state we made a book page with the USA Activity Page on one side and the bird picture that he colored as well as the sentence he wrote about the bird on the other side. Once we are done with all of the states this will be put together into book. We will be putting all of the mazes together into a booklet as well.

I love that I was able to use The Crafty Classroom's USA Activity Bundle to teach our third grader how to research safely online as well as using a book! It really came at a perfect time for us in our study of the United States and I couldn't be happier. We will definitely continue using this to learn about each of the great 50 states in our wonderful United States!

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