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How to Survive the Summer

Updated: Jul 5

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Isn't this what we dream about? Summer! Fun! Sun! A break from the usual!

Relaxing, reading, playing video games, watching tv - that's what our kids long to do during the summer. Unfortunately, this only goes well for a few days.


Then we hear -

I'm bored

I'm hot!

I'm hungry

I don't want to

It's good to have a routine - even in the summer. You may be thinking, "I need a break!" Yes. You do. We all need a break. Just remember, your summer routine needs to be different from your school year routine. It can be looser and more fun, but there still needs to be expectations and activities so that you and your kids won't go crazy!

Here are some things that you could plan for the summer:

Movie Day

Many movie theaters have a Summer Movie Program that mosts you about $1.00 a movie. That's a great deal (and it's air conditioned it there - BONUS!) If your local movie theater doesn't offer this, you can always have your own movie day at home! Just rent a movie from Redbox, or borrow one from the library, pop some popcorn, and make an afternoon of it! Have your kids take turns choosing the movie.

Library Summer Program

These are great and are at every city public library in the country. This is how my oldest son got interested in reading. They usually have themes, prizes, and special activities for you and your family to attend. Psst! It's usually FREE, too!


If your kids are anything like mine they probably like to swim. Find a friend who has a swimming pool, join the local YMCA, or your city might have a community pool that you can attend.

Home Day

This is important to schedule days where you stay home. It will get tiring really fast if you are always on the go. Plan a day that you can stay home and get caught up with laundry, housework, and rest.


Look up some great crafts or activities that your kids will be able to do. Make sure that you plan ahead and gather all of the supplies that they will need so that when it comes time to do it, you won't have to run to the store to get anything. You can plan some independent projects as well as some group activities to spice it up a bit.

Jigsaw Puzzles

These are great to work on throughout the summer. Set up a card table in a corner of some room where it can just stay there for awhile. Go to the dollar store or Walmart and buy some inexpensive puzzles. Your whole family will be able to enjoy completing one of these.


Make sure that you are giving your children time to read. That quiet time will help everyone and keeping up on their reading skills isn't all that bad either.


Having time with friends is a wonderful time of the summer. Your children's public school friends are out for the summer, so plan some time when your kids and their friends can get together.


Didn't get to as much Science during the year as you would have liked? Use the summer to do some hands-on experiments to learn something new or to extend what was already learned during the year.

Here is a sample weekly schedule that we've come up with to give you an idea of how to plan your weeks of summer. Of course, make this your own. Make it work for your family.

Make it Mondays

Crafts/Activities & Jigsaw Puzzle

Tubing Tueday

Get your floaties and tubes and go swimming!

Watch It Wednesday

Movie Day

Thesaurus Thursday

Head on out to the Library

Friend Friday

Get together with friends!

Science Saturday

Have a blast doing science experiments!

Stay at Home Sunday

After you have gone to worship, plan on staying home the rest of the day getting some rest.

These special activities do not and should not take all day or even a long time. This will be a together time period during your day. Use these as a down time and a break from all of the summer craziness. This will get your kids away from the video games and away from picking at each other.

Don't forget that your kids are always learning, even during the summer. Come and check out this post for how your homeschooling can continue during a break or vacation!

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