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Christian Heroes-C.S. Lewis Book Review

Updated: Jul 5

We were recently given the privilege to receive and review this book, Christian Heroes: Then & Now - C.S. Lewis by YWAM Publishing. As I was reading through the list of books to choose from, it was difficult to choose as there are so many great ones that I would have loved to have our 12 year old read through. Once I saw that there was a book on C.S. Lewis, I just knew that was the one.

I did, however, give my son the choice, as it always goes better if he has some choice in the matter. Guess which one he chose? Well, I guess that's a silly question because of the title of this review. I always think that it's funny when he chooses the same as me, but since he chose it instead of me telling him to read it, it went more smoothly. Funny how that works, right?

Anyways, this is a great book and he enjoyed it. You know how I can tell? He wanted to to tell me about it. He spent the night at his grandparents' home one Sunday evening (actually the Sunday before the Monday when I had assigned for him to be done with the book). I figured that he avoided trying to get it done and I would need to give him more time to finish it. Nope! He actually brought it with him and finished it that night! Without me having to tell him. Without me having to nag him to death. YES!

When I went to get him the next day, he cornered me and was telling me all about what he read the night before. He talked to me about when C.S. Lewis got married. He was later along in life (my son said that he was old and probably too old to marry...funny) when he married. He married in order to take care of the woman's children if anything happened to her. He had his own thoughts about the reason for C.S. Lewis getting a "fake marriage" (my son's words) and he wasn't afraid to express them. He thought that it was a bad reason to get married. But in the end, C.S. Lewis cared for his wife and mourned her when she died.

As I was discussing the book with him, he said that he saw himself in C.S. Lewis somewhat. They are/were both interested in animals, liked to read, and would sit in their rooms contemplating life and the things around them. He liked the ending better than the beginning of the book, but he really liked the exciting description of when C.S. Lewis was on the battlefield because it gave more detail. He is all about the details.

You know what else that I love about this book (and others in the same series)? There are Study Guides to go along with the books that are broken up into a Unit Study as well as an Overview Guide. Guess what? They're all downloadable. Great, right?

The Overview Guide is basically that, an overview. It tells you how to use the Unit Studies, how to work with students of varying ability levels, how to choose which book to use with your family or homeschool group, as well as how to use these books for academic study. There are Overview Guides for the individual homeschool as well as a separate one for the Homeschool Co-Op. I thought that was really neat. I usually have to make curriculum and books adaptable for our family, but they did most of the work for me. Love it!

Along with the Overview Guides, there is a Unit Study (split into 2 parts). The Unit Study gives you Bible verses to use with the book, how to put together a display corner in your home or homeschool group, questions for each of the chapters (with answers!), as well as other ideas to correlate other subjects with the material in the book. Such great information and ideas! There really are too many to do, which they tell you, so you just pick the ones that will work for your family or group.

I would highly recommend this Christian Heroes: Then & Now - C.S. Lewis book by YWAM Publishing. I am looking forward to finding more in this series to have both of my boys read through! Here are a few that I would love to get my hands on!

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