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Captain Absolutely - A Book Review

Updated: 6 days ago

My boys LOVE comic books. Almost every time we go to the library (just about every week) they pick up more comic books. Did I mention that they love comic books? I wasn't sure so I wanted to make sure that you knew that. (LOL) Anyways - when I heard about this comic book from Focus On The Family, I knew that I just HAD to get on the review for it. Imagine our excitement when it came in the mail! I barely got Captain Absolutely out of the package before my 7 year old grabbed it!

This is a great comic book for kids of all ages. Hey! I even loved it. I was finally able to read it (last by the way) and I just couldn't put it down. Before I get to all of that, let me tell you a little about it.

Josiah King is a librarian who was at the library late one night with his friend, Darren Gray, straightening books while updating the computer system - the dreaded Dewey Decimal System. An accident happens in which both of them get blown to different parts of the library: Josiah landed in the hidden room where they were hiding all of the Bibles, while Darren got thrown into the philosophy section. This night changed their lives forever - and how they saw the world.

Josiah turned into Captain Absolutely who stood for truth - God's truth. Darren turned into Dr. Relative who believes that there really is no absolute truth.

My 7 year old grabbed it first and went through it that night. (I had to get him to come back with it so I could at least take a picture of him with it.) I'm not sure if he actually read all of the words, so I don't think that he grasped all of the Biblical ideas in it, but that didn't stop him from enjoying it. He said that the Bible verses were his favorite part of the comic book.

Now, my 12 year old had seen parts of this in his Focus On The Family Clubhouse Magazine. Their Great Grandma has given this to them as a gift for years and they just love getting it in the mail! He said that they have put parts of it in his magazine, so he was already familiar with it, but he never saw the beginning. I asked him what his favorite part was and he said it was the beginning because now he knows how he became Captain Absolutely! Yes, that's him in the picture above. He brought it to the breakfast table and kept right on reading. I love it!

Back to what I was saying earlier about not being able to put it down! I decided to read through it so I would know what they were reading and because I, too, enjoy comic books. I connected to the characters and wanted to know what would happen next. The best part, to me, was all of the Biblical references that were placed there. They seamlessly weaved Biblical truth and verses into the conversations that were happening. Very cool!

This book is just wonderful! It is packed full of Biblical truth AND Bible verses! After I completed reading the book, I knew that I HAD to do something with all of those Bible references. So I put together Bible verse cards that show all of the Bible references that were in the book. I wanted my boys to be able to read what the verse was and to understand how that fit into the story.

I wanted you all to have them too, so I have linked them below. Just click on the picture and you will be able to print these. I pray that they are a blessing to your family.

Captain Absolutely is a wonderful comic book from Focus On The Family. I would highly recommend it for kids of all ages, even if you need to sit down and read it with them. I think that all ages could go through this and learn various Biblical truths and verses as well as understand what it means to defend the truth of God.

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