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I'm Silly - A Book Review

~ I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. All opinions are my own. ~

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My boys LOVE comic books! That's what first got our oldest son interested in reading! Comic books were literally our hero (if books could be heroes).

I know how some people feel about comic books.

"They're not actual books."

"The kids aren't really reading."

"They're just full of pictures."

"They're not going to want to read any REAL books if you let them read comic books."

Have you heard any of these complaints about comic books? Well, I have. When I was teaching in the public schools, teachers would say these things all the time.

I don't agree! I think comic books are a great source of reading material. I used to love reading comic books when I was younger!

As a teacher, I didn't mind kids reading comic books. (As long as the subject material was appropriate - there are some not-so-nice comic books out there!) It got my struggling readers interested in reading because it wasn't all full of words and intimidating to them. They could use the pictures to deduce what was going on.

As a mother, I don't mind my boys reading comic books, as long as that's not all that they are reading. Trust me, my boys have a wide range of reading interests, but they still love their comic books.

All this to say, that I love this book by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm! It's a "My First Comics" board book for babies and toddlers. You read that right. A comic book for toddlers!

Tizzy Tornado is having fun, well, being a tornado. She does some things to her friends, who don't find her so silly. This book is great because it goes through multiple feelings that your baby or toddler can relate to. The pictures are great and easy to follow.

Go check this out at your local library or if you'd like to purchase it, just click on the picture below.

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