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The Donkey - A Word from Grandpa Ed

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I find it interesting that a donkey is a fact that ties Jesus' birth to His death. Mary rode on a donkey to Bethlehem in giving birth to Jesus. Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem on His final trip on Palm Sunday to start His final week prior to His death on the cross.

Not a coincidence!

The donkey on which Jesus rode was waiting for Him from a man that did not know Jesus. Two disciples were given instructions and the words to say in order to go get the donkey. Read about it in Luke 19:28-35.

I also find it interesting in Luke 19:36-40 that when, upon Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, the Pharisees (leaders of the Jewish people) told Jesus to rebuke the crowd that was shouting and rejoicing His coming. Jesus told them that even if they kept silent, the stones would immediately cry out!

Someone or something was going to rejoice Jesus' coming to save mankind.

I encourage you to read the story in Luke.

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