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CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design Review

I was so excited when we were given the opportunity to review CompuScholar, Inc.'s Web Design online course! Our 7th grader really wanted to know what this thing called "code" was all about and this was the ticket to find out!

First of all, CompuScholar, Inc. Web Design is meant to be a full year curriculum approximately taking 36 weeks of lessons. From the get-go, the student is working on their very own web page. That is very rewarding to be able to see what you just learned put into practice onto your own web page! I really liked that as he was going through the lesson, he was making changes to the code and then was able to go to his web page and see what the change did to his page. Very rewarding!

Here are the title of the chapters of lessons that you are walked through:

* Web Tools and Languages

* Your First Web Page

* Head and Body Elements

* Organizing Content

* Connecting Your Site

* Cascading Style Sheets

* Common CSS Properties

* Styling Links, Backgrounds, and Borders

* Positioning

* Creating Your Brand

* Working With Graphics

* Tables

* Web Site Design Strategies

* Mid-Term Project

* Computers and Networks

* Tools and Trends

* HTML5 Concepts

* Figures and Annotations

* Adding Audio and Video

* Introducing CSS3

* Cool CSS3 Features

* Relationship Selectors

* Pseudo-Selectors

* Dynamic Menus

* Introducing JavaScript

* Dynamic Pages with jQuery

* jQuery Special Effects

* Final Project

* Supplemental Lessons

As you can see, there are a lot of lessons. Let me tell you that there is A LOT of information in each of these lessons. Our son thought that it was going to be easy. He's really good with technology and picks up on things quickly when it comes to computers, but this was more difficult for him. He really has to process what each section does and how to use it on his web page.

What I like about this program is that each lesson starts with a video, then you have a section that you need to read through, and then you have a "hand-on" portion where they walk you through what you just learned and how to apply that to your own web page. There are also quizzes after each lesson and usually a project and a "final exam" at the end of each lesson to see how much they remember. These quizzes and tests are not easy. They really make the student verify that they understand what each of the code "parts" do, where you put them, what they mean, and how they effect your page.

I was working through some of the lessons with our son and I learned a lot about coding! I learned some things that I could actually do with my computer today to make it easier to find files - I did not know about the "file extensions" and how to be able to see them. Wow! Knowing that has made it too much easier to find what I need quicker. I use code on my blog, but I haven't ever written the code myself - I copy and paste it from somewhere else. Going through some of these lessons have helped me understand what some of that code means. I'm going to like going through the rest of the lessons with him!

CompuScholar, Inc. offers other courses along with the Web Design course that we are taking. They offer a Digital Savvy seems to be a beginners course on computer skills and getting ready to take on some more extensive computer projects in the future. They also offer a Java Programming course for advanced students.

I would highly recommend CompuScholar, Inc. for their computer courses. The courses can be used on either PCs or Macs, which I am very thankful for! It's hard to find a program that is good for both types of computers.

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