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Holy Week Printable Booklets & Grandma's Reading Corner

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Look at what we have here!

We have put together a series of 7 Printable Books for you to use in your homeschool or church class for Holy Week. Grandma Edie has put together a series of videos reading, and explaining, each of the Holy Week booklets as well. These booklets have been written directly from the Bible.

These booklets and videos would be great for any homeschool or church class setting. You can print them out and have your children follow along with Grandma Edie as she reads the book to them. She also does a great job explaining the books along the way so that your children will understand what it happening in the story.

This series will walk your children through the events that occurred during Holy Week. We will start with Palm Sunday as Jesus triumphantly enters into Jerusalem all the way through the death of Jesus. But we don't stop there! Oh No! The story isn't over with His death! We end the series with the resurrection of Jesus!

Look below at the list of the events that will be covered:

The Triumphal Entry

Anointing Jesus

Judas' Betrayal

Lord's Supper

Jesus Prays in the Garden

Crucifixion of Jesus

Jesus Lives!

Scroll down below as we have placed all of the booklets and their corresponding videos! You're going to love them! I just know it!

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