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Doing something on your own, sometimes, seems impossible. But, when more people bring what they have and work together, that seemingly impossible task can get accomplished.

That's the gist of Stone Soup. One man was hungry, but didn't have enough to make soup. He got others to bring what little they had and in the end ---- they all had delicious Stone Soup!

Come and listen to Grandma as she reads Stone Soup.

If you'd like to purchase the book, click on the picture below.

This is such a cute book to read together with your kids. Sometimes it's difficult to get your kids to work together to accomplish a task. Try one of these activities:

* Putting a puzzle together

(or making your own puzzle - an idea from my 7 year old)

* Making cookies for a neighbor

* Putting on a play

* Making a meal

* Cleaning up a room the whole family uses

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