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How To Solve The "It's Not My Turn" Syndrome

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Do you ever ask your children these questions:

"Who's turn is it to empty the dishwasher?"

"Who's turn is it to sit in the front seat?"

"Who's turn is it to empty the garbage?"

"Who's turn is it to go with Daddy to get take out dinner?"

"Who's turn is it to choose the television show?"

These issues come up all the time in homes around America, including mine. We parents have so much on our brains that we don't have any room to remember who's turn it is to do all of these things.

I've tried lists. I've tried charts. I've given chore lists with specific chores that they are responsible for. All of those are great! I still use some. But, the problem with them is that they can't possibly hold all of the things that just come up.

That's when I remembered...


My mom (Grandma Edie) used it with my siblings and me when we were younger. There were 4 of us, so each of us were helper of the week one time a month. I have two boys, so they are helper every other week.

Helper of the Week:

* Does the extra chores that come up - like getting the mail, taking out the garbage, clean up the living room, etc.

* Rides in the front seat of the car (if they are old enough by law)

* Goes to the store with Mom or Dad

* Goes to pick up McDonalds with Mom or Dad

* Gets to choose the television show they watch

*** Whenever there is a discussion who gets to go or do something, just ask, "Who's the helper of the week?" and it solves the issue.****

This settles A LOT of conflicts.

No more:

* "But I did it last time."

* "He always gets to choose!"

* "I NEVER get to do that!"

You would think that it wouldn't work, but IT DOES! It is an objective way to solve conflicts that arise.

So the next time there is conflict that arises in your house, remember this simple phrase:

"Who's the Helper of the Week?"

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