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Clean My Room Checklist

Do you have a child (or children) who have trouble cleaning their room? I do. My 7 year old struggles cleaning his room because he gets distracted with everything there is to play with. Our 7th grader used to, when he was younger, get overwhelmed with everything there was to clean in his room and he would just freeze up and not do anything.

Both of these are problems because neither of them get the room clean.

I just created these "My Clean Room Checklists" for our 2nd grader to use in order for him to get his room clean. I created created a "My Chores" checklist as well, but that was super specific to his chores, so I didn't post that one.

Here's how we will be using this checklist:

* He gets a new one each day (there are 4 to a sheet). I've tried weekly charts, but those just haven't been working for us.

* I keep the checklist as he does the work.

* He works on one item from the list and then comes back to me. Then he thinks it's done, he puts a check on the box to the left of the item done.

* He chooses another item on the list to complete, goes to his room to complete it, and so on. This way he is coming back and forth throughout the process. I want him to do this for a few reasons: 1 - it keeps him moving, 2 - it gives him a little to do at a time instead of the entire job, but most importantly, 3 - it keeps him accountable.

* When he has completed all of the work, I will go in to his room to check his work. I will go through the list, one item at a time, checking to make sure that he cleaned it completely. If he does, he gets a little sticker on the box to the right of the item. If he needs to fix something, I give him time and then come to check it again.

Click on the picture to print the My Clean Room Checklists. I hope this helps your family!


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