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Book Study - Chapter 3: Esther A Woman of Strength & Dignity

Well, here we are. Chapter 3 of our book study of Esther: A Woman of Strength & Dignity. Thank you for taking time out of your day to go through this study with us. We will be traveling to Persia in our adventure and we will see what life was like in the days of Esther.

Click below if you'd like to purchase the book that we will be going through. You will need it in order to get the most out of the book study. If you don't have the book, how do you do a book study? Hmm? There is a "real life" book version as well as a Kindle version. Your local library might have it as well.

Here is Chapter 3. This us such an encouraging chapter in the book by Charles Swindoll. He really points out the traits of a woman of excellence. (affiliate links are used)

Just click on the picture below to print.

Click here for the landing page for this book study. This link will lead you to all of the other sections of this book as they are posted.



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