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Heart Decor

Here is our 8th activity in our 14 Days of Valentine Activities

This is a fun project to do with your kids. It doesn't take many supplies and it can take as long (or short) as you want it to take.

First you will need construction paper and scissor (or a paper cutter). You can use any color of construction paper you happen to have on hand: red, pink, white, purple.

Cut your construction paper into 1 inch strips. I cut the paper on the short side of the construction paper. This seems like a good size loop. You can use your scissors (and probably a ruler) or just use a paper cutter.

Now you have your paper strips and you will need a stapler.

You will be making a chain. Take one strip of paper, make it into a loop, and staple it closed. Take another strip, loop it through the first loop, and staple it. Keep going until you are out of paper or you think that it's long enough. Here is a picture of our 2nd grader making the chain with Grandma Edie.

Next, gather a glue stick and some tissue paper hearts, stickers, foam hearts, or whatever you have on hand to decorate with. You could even use construction paper if you'd like. I had some tissue paper hearts left over from our Heart Art.

Now, just decorate your chain with the hearts.

That's it! That's how you can make simple heart decoration!

My son came up with a variation to this. He wanted to make a heart chain. So I figured out how to do it. Just fold your strip of paper in have, making a crease (that turns into the point of the heart). Then loop the ends around and staple.

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