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14 Days of Valentine's Activities Calendar

Valentine's Day is a great holiday to show those around you that you love them. Sometimes we only do activities on Valentine's Day. We thought that it would fun to do activities for the 2 weeks of February in order to celebrate love and friendship. Grandma has even put together Valentines for 14 Days - Book List for you all to enjoy as well! That list is coming out tomorrow!

You may be thinking, "I can't do 14 days of Valentine's activities! It will take too much time and money for supplies." You would be wrong, though.

It doesn't have to be difficult at all because we have done all of the work for you - ok, well, most of the work. Below is the Printable Valentine Activity Calendar. Click on the picture to print.

We have even made up a Supply List for you so you know what you will need to have on-hand to do all of the activities. If you look at the list, it really isn't a lot of materials. There will be some things to print out and other items that you will need to buy. I also added a list of items that you will probably have in your home already. Just click on the picture below to print.

Each of the first 14 days of February, we will be posting the directions for each activity. Continue to keep coming back to this page so that you can find the links to all 14 Valentine Activities. Once the post has been linked to the list below, the title will become red.

February 1 - Love of Jesus BINGO

February 2 - Valentine Blessings

February 3 - Math Heart

February 4 - Tissue Paper Heart

February 5 - Valentine Word Search

February 6 - Heart Art

February 7 - Valentine Poem

February 8 - Heart Decor

February 9 - John 3:16

February 10 - Valentine Post Office

February 11 - Heart Card Games

February 12 - Romans 5:8 Coloring Sheet

February 13 - Conversation Heart Sentences

February 14 - Valentine Party Snack

We just know that this will be such a fantastic 14 Days of Valentine Activities!

We hope you all enjoy it! I know that we will!

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