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Valentine's Day Word Search

Here is our activity #5 of our 14 Days of Valentine Activities

I have always loved word searches! There is just something about searching through all of those letters trying to find word parts in order to find words. It just gives me a thrill. So, I thought it would be fun to do one of these during our Valentine's Day Activities.

Word searches aren't just fun, but they are educational as well. It helps with reading as well as spelling skills. I love to use these with my boys during school. I have my son read the word to be found and then spell it out loud. We look for word parts that would help us find the word: double letter, hard to find letters (z, q, x), and any other clues that would help us find the word. Then we go to town and find the word spelling it out loud as we look.

To make this word search, I looked through the Bible verses that were used in our Love of Jesus BINGO game. Click the picture below to print it out for your kids to use. (affiliate links are used)

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