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John 3:16 Activities

Here is our 9th day of our 14 Days of Valentine Activities

Today in our calendar, we find ourselves working with the ever-popular Bible verse of John 3:16.

This is such a great verse telling us how much God loves us. He loves us so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to die for us! That is quite a thought! Jesus died for you. Jesus died for your children. Jesus died for me.

We have put together quite a bit of fun for you today.

1) Hand Motions

First things first! It is very important for children to learn scripture. Having the God's Word embedded in their hearts and minds will help them for the rest of their lives.

Grandma has put together hand motions so that you and your children can learn this ever-important verse.

For God - point to the ceiling

So loved - use your arms to "draw" a large heart with your arms

the world - put arms into a circle to represent the shape of the world

that He gave - put hands out as if giving something

His only Son - act like rocking a baby

that whoever believes - hands over your heart

in Him - point to the ceiling

shall not perish - wave hands in front of you as in a "no way" motion

but have eternal life - arms straight out to your sides

John 3:16

2) Maze

We have a maze for your children to complete to practice the verse. Click on the picture to print. Just color in the words of the verse in the order that they go.

3) Picture Cards

We also have picture cards for your children to cut out and put in order. Just click on the picture to print.

4) Coloring Page

Finally, we have a coloring page to help practice the verse. Just click on the picture below to print.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy all of the John 3:16 fun today and that your children REALLY learn this verse telling them how much God loves them!

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