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SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership Review

My boys and I were really excited to be able to review the SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership! There is so much that comes with the it that it was hard to know where to begin! My boys really liked the classes that I had them try out and were excited to be able to work on more when we started back to school this week. I was thoroughly impressed with the enormity of resources and classes available to choose from! There was so much, it was almost overwhelming.

When my membership first started, I took some time to just peruse the website and see what's available to use in our homeschool. All I can say is, "Wow! There's a lot there!" Between the Applecore, the printable calendars and planners, printable information sheets, and all of the classes categorized by grade and/or subject, it was difficult to choose where to begin.

I decided to begin checking into Applecore. The name wasn't self-explanatory so I was wondering what it was and how I could use it and I'm glad that I did! Applecore basically helps you keep your homeschool organized and I LOVE that! I'm all about being organized so this really spoke to me! This is where I can keep track of the boys' final grades for each class that they take on The Old Schoolhouse or not. Applecore lets you keep track of attendance, guides you through making a custom printable schedule for each child, helps you create a portfolio with any extracurricular activities your children are involved with, print a report card, as well as make a printable transcript if your children are in high school! It's like my lesson planning tool, attendance calendar, and grade book all in one online program!

Other than the Applecore, there are many printable calendars and planners to choose from. Everyone homeschools differently and so it makes since that there are various calendars to choose from. Then there are the planners. Oh the planners! Here are all of the different planners that are available: Hey Mama! Schoolhouse Planner, Schoolhouse Planner, Special Learners Schoolhouse Planner, Primary Schoolhouse Planner, Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner, and a High School Schoolhouse Planner. I looked deeper into the Primary Schoolhouse Planner as well as the Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner, since those are the ages of our boys. The Primary Schoolhouse Planner is so great! It has so much information that I could print out and keep in a binder for our 2nd grader. He could use the calendar and have the printout information sheets to help him with his school work. Though the Primary Schoolhouse Planner was great, I really liked the Intermediate Schoolhouse Planner! It is interactive so our 7th grader could use it himself. I love that! He could type right into the planner and then print out what he needed. So cool! Not that he likes to schedule or use a calendar for that matter, but this might peak his interest since it has something to do with technology.

Now to the classes. Oh the classes! There are so many and it is so well organized! I decided to have our 2nd grader start with the Elementary Art class (since I'm really not that great with art, but he loves it), to watch a Bible video, and go through the first character trait in the Learning About Character Traits class. He loved the Elementary Art class! Oh my goodness! He learned a little about Michelangelo and then did an art project. Do you know what his art project was? He got to paint - upside down! He love it! We laid out a blanket out on our patio (since those would be the best chairs for this), taped a piece of construction paper to the underside of it, and then he painted! He really enjoyed it.

He liked the Bible video, but wasn't excited about it. He actually started with "Bedbug Bible Gang" and wasn't too thrilled about it. I think it was a little below his age level. It would be great for preschoolers. Then he moved on to "Donkey Ollie" which he liked better.

I then had him go through the "grateful" character trait lesson in the "Learning About Character Traits" class. He liked going through it together. I had read through the lesson prior to us doing it and was able to pick up a book about being thankful from the library. The lesson is a three page lesson that we were able to go through together. We talked about what it means to be grateful, read the book, and then discussed what character in the book showed the character trait of being grateful. I think we will love to continue to go through each lesson in this class and for him to learn about all of these ever important character traits. We talk about these things all of the time, but it is great to be able to go through it again together.

For our 7th grader, I thought that he would enjoy the "Web Game Design" class and "Logic" class, and I was correct! He said that he liked the "Web Game Design" because it taught him about folders and how to go to a specific page of a website and not just the home page. He said that it was a little confusing because the pictures and steps in the lesson didn't go exactly with our computer, but he was able to muddle his way through it. The "Logic" class, though, I was surprised about. He loved it! I though that he would like it, but not that much! He said that he gives it "2 thumbs up" and "5 Stars!" and told me that he IS going to do more of that class! He found it interesting to see how people use words to make people do things. He is a very logical young man and so this really peaked his interests.

So after my brief time with SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership, I highly recommend it to any homeschool family. There is so much there that any homeschool family can find use from it. I think that it would be a great addition to any homeschool curriculum. So, once you're ready to purchase a year subscription, make sure that you put aside some time in order to check out all that's available for you and how you can use SchoolhouseTeachers.com Yearly Membership to its fullest in your homeschool.


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