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5 Ways to Have Fun with Spelling

If you are anything like me, you probably had to reread that title, right? "Have fun with Spelling"? What?!

When I was a kid, I was descent speller. Just like every other student in the class, I did my Spelling homework: write them 3 times each, spelling them outloud, practice for the test, repeat...week after week after week...blah blah blah...boring boring boring.

Why did Spelling have to be soooo boring?

No more! We are going to change that!

There are so many fun way that you can practice those ever important words so that they will be useful to your children while they are writing. That's the point anyways, right? They need to learn how to spell so that their writing will be better.

Here is a list of great Spelling activities to make it a little more enjoyable:


Treasure Hunt

Have your children write their spelling words on index cards or pieces of paper (each child gets their own color if you have multiple children). Hide the cards around the house. When they find one of their cards, they have to come back to you, hand you the card, and spell the word to you (or write it on the white board).


Words in a Sentence

This comes directly from Grandma Edie. She told me that she used to do this with our spelling words when my siblings and I were younger. She said that it made Spelling less boring for her as well.

Have your children write their spelling words on index cards or pieces of paper. Then have them try to use all of their words in sentences to make a story. They will have to fill in some other words in order to make the sentence make sense, but this is wonderful activity to make sure that they understand the meanings of the words as well as be able to read them.


Word Search

I used to do this one for my students when I was teaching. They would have a word search, with all of their Spelling words in it, as part of their Spelling homework every week. Puzzlemaker.com is a great resource to make word searches or puzzles of any kind! Just input your spelling words and it will make the puzzle for you.


Clothespin Spelling

We did this one during the Christmas season. I found a clothespin garland string at the Dollar Tree (looks like this one) and hung it up in his room at a level that he could work from. I had printed out letters of the alphabet with extras of the most used letters. He read a word on his list, found the letters in that word, and clipped them up, one letter at a time, on the garland.


Movements / Sounds / Songs

Our youngest is a kinesthetic learner (he learns by moving), so I try to have him move while he's learning. For Spelling, if there's a double letter or a silent letter, he will make movements to remember those parts that can't be sounded out. For example, if the word is "cliff", he can sound out the "c" "l" "i" "f" - but may not remember that there's a double "f" at the end. So he can make some sort of movement with his hands, arms, feet, etc. to help him remember the double "f".

He also learn by sounds and songs, so another way would be to pound the table in a pattern of the parts of the word. For example, if the word is "yesterday", he can pound out the parts "yes" "ter" "day".


There are so many other ideas about making Spelling enjoyable. The most important thing is that your child is learning to spell the words, right? Anything other then the boring writing them 3 times each and saying them out loud will help to make Spelling a little more exciting.

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