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Clifford's Manners - Book and Printout - Grandma's Reading Corner

Who doesn't love Clifford? Who needs help teach their children about manners?

In this book, we have both. Clifford is helping us teach our children about manners. How great is that?

Not only that, but we have put together a printout for you to use with your children to review what they just heard Grandma read about.

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Print out the "I Want To Be Like Clifford" worksheet and use it with your children. Cut out the strips of paper and put them in a bowl. Have your child pick out a paper from the bowl and decide which side of the "I Want To Be Like Clifford" it best fits in: Good Manners or Bad Manners. Glue the paper onto the correct side. There will be corresponding manners that will go side by side. For example, "Say Please" goes on the "Good Manners" side, while "Don't Say Please" goes on the "Bad Manners" side.

(click on the picture below to print)

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