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Katy No-Pocket - A Parallel to the Homeschool Mom & Grandma's Reading Corner

Katy No-Pocket is one of Grandma Edie's favorite books. She read it as a child and wants to share it's wonderful story with you and your children. I think it is a wonderfully heart-warming story that could lend itself to encourage the homeschool mom. How could a children's book help a homeschool mom, you may ask? Scroll down to see.

Katy No-Pocket is about a kangaroo mama who did not have a pocket in order to carry her baby with her. At first, it made her sad to think that she couldn't care for her child the way he needed her to. She then decided to do something about it. She realized that she wasn't the only one who didn't have a pocket. So she went around to the other animals to see how they carry their babies around with them. She went to a few animals and tried their ways, but none of them seemed to work. She was given advice to go into the city in order to figure out a solution. So she did. While she was in the city, she found a man wearing an apron that had a lot of pockets. He ended up giving Katy his apron because he could get another one. Now Katy had the resources she needed in order to carry around her baby. But, you know what? She didn't just use it to help her own child. She ended up carrying other babies around with her as well to help out their parents.

I think that this is a great parallel to the homeschooling mom. Stay with me here as I try to explain:

* Katy didn't have a pocket so she couldn't carry her baby around with her. This makes her extremely sad and she cries for awhile.

- This is the homeschool mom when she realizes that she doesn't have a skill that she needs in order to teach her child(ren) what they need to know. She feels like she has failed her child(ren) that she can't give them everything they need.

* Katy decides to do whatever she needs to in order to take care of her child. She realized that she wasn't the only one who doesn't have a pocket and she asks the other animals for advice. When none of the other animal moms could help, she goes to the city in order to seek more advice.

- We homeschool moms will do whatever it takes to make sure that their child(ren) learn whatever they need to learn. We will look online for new curriculum, we will ask other homeschool moms, and we will look for experts to ask in order to get our child(ren) the help they need. What works for one family, might not work for another. We will just keep on looking until we find something that will work.

* When Katy got to the city, she finds a man wearing an apron. He gave it to her so that she could use it.

- Katy found something that was considered "out-of-the-box" in order solve her problem. That's just like us homeschool moms. We don't just follow what everyone else is doing. We look for the "usual" solutions, but if those don't work, we don't hesitate to go "out-of-the-box" in order to find something that will teach our child(ren).

* Katy used the apron to carry her baby around, but she didn't stop there. She used what she found to help others.

- We homeschool moms are willing to share what we have found. We use what we've found with our own child(ren), but we don't usually stop there. Whenever someone comes to us with a problem they're having, we will give help as needed.

So there you have it. Katy No-Pocket is a great parallel to the homeschool mom. This isn't just for homeschooled moms, though. This can be a parallel to any mom that is engaged with their children, no matter where their children are schooled.

Come and listen to Grandma as she reads this fabulous book to you and your children. Be encouraged homeschool mama!

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