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Morning Meeting

My boys and I eat breakfast together every school day. I never planned to have that time be our "Morning Meeting" time, but it has turned out that way.

As we are eating our breakfast, we talk about:

How everyone slept

This cues me in on how sleepy they are going to be today and to be ready for that.

How everyone is feeling

Is anyone sick or grumpy? It's good to know these things before the rest of our day starts.

Character Training

Is there any character training that I have seen that needs to be taught or discussed? This is an opportune time to "teach" it just by simply stating behaviors that I have noticed and then we discuss how to change those behaviors.

When we will be starting school

This is usually 7am, but if they're up early, that changes.

What school we have for that day

We usually have "full school" (that's what my children call it when they need to do a full schedule of school). Sometimes I have scheduled less school for that day because of a doctor's appointment or a special visit. We also have less school on Fridays if it's been a good week and they've worked hard.

Any outings that we need to go on

This includes any stores that we need to go to, post office, library, Grandma & Grandmpa's house, etc. They like to know if we're going anywhere.

The basic run-down of the schedule for the day

I let my children know what the schedule for the day is. If I don't make the schedule, they will, and it'll usually be something that I don't like (for example, video games all day). This tells them what is expected of them and what free time they will have in the day.

So that is what our "Morning Meeting" time looks like. I know this is different for every family. This is just what works for us.

Let me know in the comments below what you do to start your day right!

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