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Christmas Trivia Game

We have a game that we play every year. During the month of December, while we are are the store we gather up a bunch of goodies, cups, and trinkets to fill our sleigh that we have. We get items that we know that our family will love: fuzzy Christmas socks, chocolate bars, candy canes, reindeer ears, etc. We get most of the items at the Dollar Tree and Walmart, so they don't have to be expensive.

Then, when the whole family is together, we play our Christmas Trivia Game, a.k.a. the "Sleigh Game". Grandpa goes around the room to each person asking them a Christmas question. He gives the easier questions to the grandkids and little harder ones to the grownups (not that any of the questions are really that difficult). The point of the game is to give out the prizes so we don't make the questions too difficult. Click on the picture below to print out the questions that we use.

You can use this same concept with your family. Use our questions or come up with your own. Wrap a large box with wrapping paper to hold the prizes or use a large wrapping bag. This is a fun time for the whole family.

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