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Christmas Acrostic and Letter Activity

Are you trying to "do school" when it's THIS close to Christmas break? How's that working for you?

If your house is anything like mine, we are all about done with school right now and SOOO ready for a break. But, then there's that homeschool mom in me that still wants to do something productive with my kids this week even though we don't feel like it.

Well, I have the answer!

There are actually 2 different activities here. First, there's the Christmas Acrostic. Print out the page below and have your kids come up with their own acrostic poem. We have completed one for you. (click on the picture to print)

We also have a Christmas Letter Activity that you can do with your whole family! Simply print out the pages with the letters of the word "CHRISTMAS" written on them, place them around the table, give everyone a marker or pen to write with, and have everyone write a word or phrase that starts with that letter that has something to do with Christmas. You can even do it together as a family having one writer and everyone telling you words that start with that letter that have to do with Christmas. (click on the picture to print)

We hope that you have a great time with these easy activities!

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