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The Colors and Shapes of Christmas

Red poinsettias

Green pine trees

White angels' wings

Silver bells

5 Golden rings

Candies in the bowl are like a circle

Packages under the tree could be a rectangle

Our Christmas tree is in the shape of a triangle

The Star on top of the tree

The Stable is in the shape of a pentagon

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Colors and shapes are all around us. Christmas time is no different. Actually there is so much more out to look at during this time of year. We are surrounded by all of the shapes and colors that are so prevalent during Christmas.

Why not capitalize on that and help our children be a little more observant of the world around them?

That's why I've put together the Colors and Shapes of Christmas Activity Book. Simply print it out staple it together, grab some colored pencils or crayons, and go to it! That's it!

Have your kids look around your house for Christmas items that match one of the following pages: Red, Green, White, Gold, Silver, Circle, Triangle, Rectangle, Square, Pentagon, and Star.

I think you all will be surprised by how many items will fit one of those categories. Once they have found an item, they will draw it in one of the boxes on that page. If the weather is good where you live, take them on a Christmas Hunt to find items around your neighborhood that will fill the pages.

You might be thinking that this is about colors and shapes, so it must be for preschoolers only. Not true! The entire family will benefit as you will have to look at objects differently and not necessarily as you've always looked at them. You might be surprised that your preschooler finds items to draw in their books faster than your older children because they look at things with fresh eyes already.

You could even make it a game by saying that as each one fills a page they win a treat or the first to fill the entire book gets to pick the movie for family night. Make it a fun time for the entire family!

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