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Christmas Spinner

Christmas is a time for friends and family, fun and festivities. There are church parties, neighborhood parties, co-op parties, work parties, and family parties. All of these parties start to look and feel the same. You go, you eat, you chat, you leave, repeat.

Why not do a little something different at your party? That's where this spinner comes in. You know what? You don't even have to wait for a party to play it! You can do it even with your immediate family to make a great family night around the Christmas tree.

Simply print out the Christmas Spinner onto card stock paper, cut out the circle, put a paperclip through a brad, and then put the brad through the center of the spinner. Clasp the brad in the back, but NOT too tight otherwise your paperclip won't spin.

(just click on the picture below to print)

Once you have it all put together, Voila! you have an instant game to enjoy with your family and friends. It will have you all talking and laughing together. There's really no end to the game so time is not an issue. The materials are easy and probably things you already have around the house. It doesn't take long to put the game together so preparation time is minimal.

Playing the game is simple - spin, read, follow, repeat. You spin the paperclip. Wherever it lands, read the directions. Follow what the direction states. That's it!

So there really is no excuse to not put together this quick and easy game for your next get-together!

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Go ahead! I dare you not to smile while playing this game!

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