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Keeping It Simple This Christmas

Are you tired of Christmas? Are you waiting for it to be over so you you can "get back to normal"? Here we are, a week before Christmas and we're already wishing it was over. That's because we, as Americans, seem to overdo Christmas and we homeschoolers aren't any different. There are unit studies to completed, books to be read, letters to write, goodies to make, crafts to create, and the list goes on.

Let's keep it simple. It's about Jesus. Put your list away. Relax. Be there with your kids. Your children don't need a long list of items to complete in order "understand the true meaning of Christmas". They need to be lead to their Savior and they need to understand why Jesus came those many years ago.

Here are some things to remember in order to keep it simple:

* Teach them throughout the entire year about Jesus and why He came

* Quiet your home - let it be a place of relaxation and comfort. When we get too busy, our lives are too noisy.

* Enjoy having downtime - you don't have to have a "special" event every day or even every week

* You don't have to schedule everything. Be spontaneous.

* Have fun at home - bake cookies, watch a movie while drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn. These are the times your children are going to remember.

* Help your children reflect on what's going on around them instead of flying through each moment waiting to get to the next.

* Take a walk and look at Christmas lights. The cool air will be refreshing and the exercise is good for everyone.

* Snuggle up together in bed or on the couch to read the Christmas story in Luke 1 & 2. Talk with them about what it would have been like to be there at the stable that night.

We get caught up too many times in having to do everything, that we forget to do the important things - being with our kids and enjoying time together talking about our Savior's birth.

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