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Here is Day 5 of our:

The trend in America today is to include all religions and traditions in the holiday season. To avoid offense to non Christians, the words Merry Christmas are being replaced with Happy Holidays. This picture book for children ages 7 to 10 asks what happened to Christmas. With words and pictures, this unique book answers this question by showing children that Christmas is everywhere we look, particularly in the Christian home. In the Advent wreath, the star on the Christmas tree, the nativity set, and even the gifts under the tree, what we see at Christmas reminds us of our anticipation, preparation, and celebration.

"What Happened to Merry Christmas?" reminds readers that God came in the person of Jesus Christ to be our Savior from sin and to bring the promise of eternal life through Him. In the pages of this book, children will learn and adults will remember to focus on Christ and His gifts to them, not on the trappings and excitement of decorations, parties, and presents. "What Happened to Merry Christmas?" will help readers distinguish between the emptiness of a materialistic Christmas and the fullness of the Gospel. The illustrations in this book are in keeping with the standard for this age group--brightly colored images with a style and tone that capture the message. The result is an informative and engaging book that will teach about the reason for Christmas.

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