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December Journals

Writing in a journal is a great way to get children started with their writing, especially when they are struggling writers. Journal entries vary in length; ranging from one sentence to a few paragraphs depending on the age and ability of the writer.

Why not make it a little more fun with a colorful journal cover? That's why I've made these December journals! Just print them out and staple some writing paper behind it and VOILA! you have a journal!

(just click on the words below to print)

Manger Scene 1/2 page

Manger Scene 1/4 page

Stocking 1/2 page

Stocking 1/4 page

I have made a 1/2 sheet version as well as a 1/4 sheet version so you can choose which one works best for you and your children. They both are made so that you can fold it in half with the picture on the front and a blank page on the back where each child can write their name and personalize it.

Another fun idea is to cut out the picture, along with the writing paper behind, so that it is a colorful journal in a fun shape!

Have fun with this and get those kids writing!


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