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Be the One

We were sitting in church yesterday and I was reminded of the story of the ten leprous men that Jesus healed. It comes from Luke 17:11-19 and it’s a great little event.

Here’s the rundown of the story. Jesus is walking to Jerusalem. There were ten leprous men who yelled for Jesus to heal them. They yelled because they had leprosy and had to stay away from people. Jesus did do anything but tell them to go show themselves to the priests. Surprisingly, they listened. An amazing thing happened on their way. They were healed! ONE of the ten noticed and decided to go back to Jesus to thank Him. Jesus had given him his life back! When the man came to Jesus and fell on his knees in praise, Jesus asked him where the others were. Jesus had healed ten men, but only ONE came back to thank Him for giving him his life back.

As I was sitting there, thinking about this story, I decided that I want to be the ONE. I want to be like the ONE man who came back to thank Jesus. I don’t care about going against the grain, I don’t want to be like the majority. I want to be like the ONE who recognized who had saved his life and I want to live a life of thankfulness.

We have put this story into a Free Printable skit for you to teach your kids. Just click this picture to print it out.

Do you think that the ONE man thanked Jesus and then went back to his old life? NO! His life was changed. Well, hasn’t Jesus changed our lives? Why do we continue to try to go back to our old life, the life of the world, the life before Jesus?

During this time of Thanksgiving, it’s hard not to reflect on my life and all of the blessings that God has given me. He had blessed me beyond measure and I seem to be more like the nine men, instead of the ONE. I want to live a life of thankfulness, not just during a season of the year, but throughout the year, year after year.

Jesus has changed my life and I should live my life in reflection of that.

How about you? Will you join me in being the ONE?


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