• Felicia Mollohan

Greater Than / Less Than Alligator

When we're teaching our children about greater than & less than, it starts out going well. Our children can understand that certain numbers are larger than others. The part that brings them to a screeching halt is when they have to start using that greater than / less than sign. You know the one right? The dreaded < & > symbols are hard to distinguish for our little ones.

When I was working with our oldest child with this concept many years ago, I found this idea online somewhere and thought that it was brilliant!

All you need is a copy of the above worksheet, glue, scissors, and a clothespin. Follow the directions on the worksheet and you'll have yourself a Greater Than / Less Than Alligator that your kids will love to use!

Just remember, the alligator always wants to eat more, so he opens his mouth towards the larger number!!!


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