• Felicia Mollohan

Autumn Scavenger Hunt BINGO

Autumn is here! What better way to celebrate the cool weather than to take a walk outside and play a game. Well, I've put together two games here into one activity...two is better than one, right?

So, here's how you play.

* Print out a game board and a card page for each of your children

* Have them cut out the cards and glue them onto their board in whatever order they want (this way, everyone's cards are different)

* Go outside and take a walk observing all of the nature around you (don't forget to take your boards and markers with you). As they find things on their board, they mark it off of their boards (clipboards might be nice for this).

* The first one to have a BINGO, wins. What do they win? That's up to you, but in our house they win a high-five!

Have a blast with this Autumn Scavenger Hunt Bingo Activity!

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