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Telling Time Cards

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When I was teaching in the public school, I felt like I basically had to reteach all of my students how to tell time correctly. This is completely a pet peeve of mine. Kids didn't understand how to read an analog clock correctly. "Correctly" is the key word in that sentence.

You may think, how are they getting it wrong? Well, they don't realize where the hour hand needs to be. They get taught (and a lot of the time it's also the worksheets that are wrong) that the hour hand stays on the same number until the next hour.

For example: they think that the hour hand stays on the #1 even when the time is 1:45. That is a broken clock. The hour hand is constantly moving, just not as fast as the minute hand. The way I would show my kids how this works is to actually show them an analog clock. I would move the minute hand around the clock so that they can actually see the hour hand move.

I created this simple handout so that you an print it out to, hopefully, help when you're teaching your kids how to tell time on an analog clock.


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