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Life is Educational

I had many many questions when I started to homeschool our oldest child. One of the biggest ones was, “How do I fill up our day?” When you homeschool, you are with your children all day every day, so to teach him all day seemed overwhelming. I didn’t want to be on the go and busy all day long, but I also didn’t want a lot of downtime so that we were pulling out our hair.

Teaching all day long was going to take a lot of work, time, and planning

Not as much as I thought. I was thinking that I had to plan his day to be “educational”. Turns out,

Life is educational

After we eat breakfast, my boys do their chores. They are responsible for taking care of themselves: getting dressed & brushing their teeth; taking care of their own things: making their bed & cleaning their room; taking care of the home: emptying and loading the dishwasher, taking out the garbage, sweeping the kitchen floor; as well as taking care of our cats.

Chores give children responsibility

We have our “school” time in the morning after their chores are completed. The mornings are when my boys and I are the most fresh and are able to sit down and work on math, reading, etc.

After our “school” time, we have our lunch. Our boys have learned to make their own lunches. That is definitely educational. Learning to put together a meal, even as simple as a lunch, is a skill that a lot of children miss out on learning while they're at school everyday. They look to see what leftovers we have or decide if there is something else they can make for themselves. Of course, I’m right there with them, answering any questions, and making sure they are giving themselves a balanced meal.

Once lunch is eaten and cleaned up, we have the afternoon to do go grocery shopping, go to the library, have some free time, or other household chores: cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, etc. Each of those “activities” have educational value to them. My boys know that it’s important to follow a budget while grocery shopping, how to check books out of the library, reading is important, as well as that it takes work to take care of the home.

Don’t short change life. Life is educational.


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