• Felicia Mollohan

Handwriting and the Bible

I have never liked work to keep kids busy just to keep them busy. Busy work is just that, work to keep someone busy. That seems pointless to me. Work, especially school work, needs to have a purpose, not just to keep them busy. I am also a huge advocate of combining subjects together. Like reading a book and then writing about it. You can learn about a historical figure and then do a research paper on them. Why not combining handwriting and the Bible?

I think handwriting practice is necessary, but boring by itself. Why just write a bunch of random letters? So I started combining handwriting with the Bible verses that I wanted my kids to learn.

I would make up papers with their Bible verse written on it so that they could copy it. There are font sites where you can get free fonts that have handwriting fonts to use.

Look up some different fonts to make it easier to make your worksheets:

10001freefonts.com - KG Primary Dots (print)

bvfonts.com - Learning Curve Dashed (cursive)

Handwriting and Bible verses seem to go so well together. Your kids are practicing their handwriting while learning a Bible verse. Win Win!


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