• Felicia Mollohan

Multiplication Fact Cards

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Memorizing multiplication facts is a difficult task for any child to accomplish. Why not give them a study tool to help with their learning?

I have created these simple multiplication fact cards for you to print out. There are cards for facts 0-10 (I think 11s and 12s are unnecessary to memorize once they know how to do double digit addition).

You could do various different activities with these cards:

- You could print them all out, attach them together with a brad, and have your child work through them.

- They can be a study guide for them and once they think they know a full card, have them give you the card, and they could recite them. If they could do it, put a sticker on the top of that card as a reward.

- You could also print them all out, cut them apart, glue them onto a piece of construction paper or a manila folder, and you could make them into a book.


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