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Homeschooling Spaces

After you decide to homeschool, one of the first questions people ask themselves is, “Where Should I Homeschool?” That's easy.

You can homeschool anywhere.

We have homeschooled using an entire bedroom as a classroom, in a corner of the living room, upstairs in the finished "attic", and at the kitchen table. What you need to remember is that you don’t have to have a dedicated room in order to homeschool. You can use what you have available. Some families even homeschool in the car.

When our boys shared a bedroom, we were able to use our 3rd bedroom as a homeschool classroom. At first, we were only schooling our oldest and he didn’t even have a desk. We just did things together at a table and the floor. Eventually we were gifted a desk for him and so he did some of his work there. Once our youngest started doing “school” with us at age 3, he had a lap table that he sat on the floor and did his “schooling”. Then when he got older, we were gifted another desk for our youngest. We kept all of our school materials, supplies, curriculum, and desks in the homeschool room.

Then life changed and my husband needed a quiet office that he could work from home in. So, we moved out into the living room. We downsized our supplies and were able to keep the rest of them in my husband’s office and we moved our desks out and completed all of our schooling there in the living room.

Then life changed again and we decided that it was more important for our boys to have their own rooms. So we moved their desks into their own rooms, downsized our supplies to fit in a hallway linen closet, and we did our school at the kitchen table. We have even downsized our materials to what fits in their desks and on the upper shelf of a closet and don’t need any more extra storage.

Each space we used for homeschooling worked. Out of all of the spaces, schooling at the kitchen table is my favorite just because it’s the simplest (I’m all about simple).

Don’t fret if you don’t have a big beautiful room to homeschool, be happy with what you have, and that you have the privilege to teach your children at home.


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