• Felicia Mollohan

Alone Time Is Needed For All

When our kids are babies, we lay them down for a nap. Even when they are toddlers and preschool-age, they still need a nap. But, for some reason, as our children get older we seem to forgo the nap and schedule in more activities for our children to be involved in. Now they can do swimming, Lego club, and even more school. Those are all good things and I’m not putting any of them down.

That just doesn’t work for me. I’m a person who needs to have some quiet time in my day. I’m not someone who likes to be on the go all the time and always have something to head out to. I like to be home. I like to have quiet. My oldest son is a lot like me and needs that as well, while our youngest could be with people and have noise all day long. It’s good for our youngest to learn that it’s ok to be alone sometimes and they might even start to like it.

So, we instituted “Alone Time”. You see, I couldn’t call it “Rest Time”, “Nap Time”, or “Quiet Time” because, to my kids, that’s for babies. But, older kids can do “Alone Time”. It’s the same concept as the above mentioned, just labeled differently. My oldest son needed to have some time away from his brother. I needed time by myself in quiet.

We just simply choose a different spot in the house to do something quiet, like reading or drawing. I’m usually in the living room using the time to write or read while my kids are in their rooms. When they share a room, I just put one of them in my room to make sure they are separated. When we started doing it, my youngest would always say, “Can we do alone time together?” I don’t think he grabbed the concept of “alone time”. He has since realized that his older brother needs it and so does Mommy. He has also since learned that it’s really not all that bad to be by yourself, sometimes.

We don’t have “Alone Time” every day, but we make sure that at least a couple days during the week we “schedule” it in. It just simply helps me to be refilled and be able to be a better mom.

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