homeschool4life Build-A-Word Spelling ~ Snowflakes ]]> Felicia Mollohan, 15 Jan 2020 11:01:00 +0000
Spelling has never been an exciting subject for my kids. Add to that that our middle son is very hands-on when he learns. He likes to build things, make things, and do things. That's how he learns best.
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That's when "Build a Word" spelling was invented. Have you ever seen the show "WordWorld"? It's a great show on PBS that teaches spelling. What I find interesting is that everything is made by what their word is. For example, the character, Bear, is made up of the letters b-e-a-r. I think that it's kind of ingenious of them. Words are everywhere in these shows. When they need something, they "build a word".
Watch below!