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What We're Doing About...Gestational Diabetes and Hypertension

July 8, 2019


Gestational diabetes and hypertension can be serious problems during a pregnancy, if not taken care of or treated properly. I wanted to just let you all know what we are doing about these in this pregnancy so maybe it will help one of you going through the same thing!

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. There are also links on this page that if you simply click on them, that will benefit our family with no purchase necessary. Thank you for supporting our blog. **

**Please remember that I am not a doctor.

I am just sharing what we have worked out with our doctor.

Please consult your doctor for the best treatment for your situation.**


Gestational diabetes is basically having diabetes, but only because you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, the placenta gives off a hormone that can block your body from getting the insulin that it needs in order to deal with the sugar in your body. Usually, after you have the baby, the diabetes goes away as well. They will check you at your 6 week visit just to make sure, though.


I took the one hour glucose test that our doctor had ordered. It actually was better than our other two pregnancies, 10 and 15 years ago. They have improved the drink. Be thankful! My doctor said that I didn't have to fast for that one and the lab confirmed that as well. I get very sick when I fast, so I was thankful for that! Well, guess what? I didn't pass the test, so my doctor wanted me to take the 3 hour test where I would have to fast. I physically can't do that, so my husband and I decided to just act like I have it.


We bought a blood glucose reader and started testing my blood regularly throughout the day. I tested it when I woke up and then an hour after each meal. I cut out all candy, chocolate, and soda right away from my diet. I make sure that I each more protein and veggies in my meals. I cut the carbs and reduced the fruit. We made a spreadsheet to log all of the readings as well as what I was eating. At first, it was trial on error. For me, I can't have any carbs or fruit at dinner because my morning readings were too high. Our doctor was fine with what we were doing and she can tell, from my readings, that I do have gestational diabetes. Our doctor says that my morning (fasting) number should be below 95 and the hour after each meal needs to be below 130. I am able to control it with what I eat, so I shouldn't need any medication.

The supplies that I needed to buy is the blood sugar glucose meter, ultra-thin lancets, blood testing strips, and the lancing device. These are also available for a pretty reasonable price at Walmart.


Hypertension is having high blood pressure. I get nervous going to the doctor, so my blood pressure was raised for 3 times in a row. Any time the first number is above 140, they say that is high. They diagnosed me with hypertension. The funny thing (not really funny, but you know), when they would take my blood pressure again before I left, it always dropped dramatically.


My husband and I didn't think that I had high blood pressure because the only time that it seemed high was when I was nervous about the doctor. We decided to buy our own blood pressure cuff (around $30 at Target) and I started testing my blood pressure when I was testing my blood sugar. I started to log my time so that I would have a record of when I tested and what the numbers were. They were never even close to the 140 that I would have in the doctor's office. I brought in the log for the doctor to see. Again, my blood pressure was high when the nurse took it. I logged another two weeks of blood pressure readings after that. Again, they were never close to 140. My doctor took our records and decided that I didn't have hypertension because I never had it high unless it was the first reading that the nurse took at the beginning of the appointment. 

So, gestational diabetes and hypertension don't have to be the end of the world. Do I miss chocolate and soda. Yep! But the health of my baby is more important than a few indulgences. Having our own testing supplies at home gives me the peace of mind knowing that I am doing the best that I can to make sure that our baby has the best chance. 

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