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Matific Galaxy Review

June 26, 2019

Our younger loves to play games on his iPad. I mean, what kid doesn't? He also needs help with math. Math just doesn't make sense to him and he has struggled recently with it. I was so excited that we were given the chance to review Matific Galaxy for these reasons! It's a fun online math game that he plays on his iPad. Win - Win! Do you want to know a secret? It's not like pulling teeth to get him to do it, either. Win - Win - Win!


There are 7 levels for Matific Galaxy, Kindergarten through 6th grade. I highly suggest getting the Full K-6 package so that way your child can move around in the levels to meet their ability. Our son started with the 5th grade and soon realized that he was not quite there yet. We moved him to the 4th grade level and that was more his speed, but he was still having trouble understanding some of the concepts. We decided that he can work through the 3rd grade level and that has been just great for him. I am trying to build his confidence in math and having him constantly struggle is not the way to do it.

It may seem like he's behind a lot in math, but we have always believed in teaching our children where they are, not where they should be. He's improved in his math skills and understanding just by using Matific Galaxy. I am so thankful for that. I'm sure that he will make great strides in his math skills this year, but working with me in school and continuing to practice his skills with the game.


Here's what he had to say about:

I think that it's a great idea to have multiple grades, instead of just one grade. It helps me because it can be like I'm reviewing it, which helps me even more. I really liked they also put little characters in the game, which makes it more exciting. There are a lot of challenges in each section so that it's not all the same. 


I have already talked about the multiple grades and how important those are. Every curriculum is different and just because you're doing a certain grade level in one curriculum, doesn't mean that it will match up with another curriculum. He also mentioned about the different challenges. This I really like. In each section, the skills are mixed up. You don't spend three weeks on addition or fractions. The skills are interspersed umongst the levels and this helps to keep the interest level up high. This especially helps when a child has trouble with a topic and they don't have to dread doing the math game because they can't do it. 


The Parent's Zone is great as well! It gives you information about what your child has been working on. It tells you what they have been and not been working on. You also will know what your child is doing well at and what they need to improve on. I love this "bird's eye view" of how he's doing with the program. 


As with any new program, especially online programs and games, there is a "learning curve" to be able to work it. For some of the problems, he needed help to figure out how to use the game to solve it. Look at the example below. We had to figure out how to get the bubbles to go inside of each other. 

With this activity, we had to figure out how to cut the square, turn the pieces, and then make a triangle.

We really like Matific Galaxy. I'm so glad that we received the one year Full K-6 grade package. There are a multitude of math activities which kept our son's attention. He was fine doing it for an hour or more a day. I am thankful that this is something that he can continue to work on and move up through the levels. 

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