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WorthyKids/Ideals Review

September 26, 2017


Do your kids love adventure books? Do you want them to read their Bible? These books, The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls, by WorthyKids/Ideals are just the thing for your family! They are a mixture of an adventure story stirred up with the Bible stories we all love. 


These are great books for your kids to go and read by themselves and you don't have to worry about the content that's getting in their heads. Or you can read them aloud to your kids of all ages, like we did. I used these books as read aloud with our 3rd grader. He liked the Mommy and me time as well as listening to these great books. I would say that the reading level of these books are around a 3rd grade reading level. The chapters are short so as to not get too overwhelming for your struggling readers.


We both really liked them. They are about a brother, 9 year old Peter, sister, 10 year old Mary, with their dog Hank. They have to stay with their Great-Uncle Solomon while their parents are in Africa for a month. This is really awkward because they have never met their Great-Uncle Solomon before now. His house is old and filled with all sorts of discoveries. At dinner, they find out that Great-Uncle Solomon has a very special discovery that he keeps in the locked library. 


In Book One - The Beginning, they make their way into the library and find the ancient scrolls that Great-Uncle Solomon was telling them about. They touch the scroll and SUDDENLY they are transported somewhere. The problem is that they don't know where they are because there is absolutely no light. Nothing. Then they hear, "Let there be light" and instantly there is this immensely bright light. Come to find out, they are at the time that God created the world. 


I love it! Even though it is, of course, fiction, it really puts you in the time of creation! You get to experience the different days of creation through the eyes of Peter and Mary as they meet archangel Michael, swim with the dolphins, and witness the first sunset - EVER! Throughout this adventure, they have to find 3 clues in order to get home. These clues really help the storyline to come altogether. 

In Book Two - Race to the Ark, Peter, Mary, and Hank meet Noah, his wife, Shem, Japhet, Ham, and their wives as they finish building the ark. Seeing the ark from children's eyes is great. The author really helps you picture what it was really like. When Peter, Mary, and Hank get there, they head into the city in order to find some food. They soon realize that no one there is nice. They all just do whatever they want. They soon are running out of the city after they meet a couple of mean boys and their wolf. Michael comes to help them again. Cool! They find Shem who leads them to the ark and to the rest of the family. Peter and Mary help finish the ark by heading back out to the city to get a hinge for a broken door. They barely get the hinge back in time before it starts raining. 


We are looking forward to more books in this series! The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls by WorthyKids/Ideals are just wonderful!


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