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NOPE! - A Book Review

May 9, 2017

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What a great book, especially with Mother's Day right around the corner! This book is great for children of all ages (and their moms). It doesn't have many words, but a ton of pictures - almost like a comic book.


Summary of the Book

This book is about a mother bird trying to get her baby bird to fly for the first time. The baby bird is scared and doesn't want to do it, so the baby keeps telling their mama, "Nope!" The baby looks out of the nest on to the ground and their imaginations gets the best of them, all the while the mama keeps pushing them to fly.


My Favorite Part

My favorite part of the book is when the baby bird says, "Nope!" in 4 different languages. This would be a great discussion on languages, what languages he speaks, and maybe how to say other phrases in other languages.



This book is great to reassure us moms who are unsure of our parenting skills. We are mostly unsure of them because the world is telling us conflicting methods about how to raise our children. But, deep down, we know what is best for our kids and what their potential is. This mama bird knew that her baby bird could fly and so she was pushing her baby bird out of the nest. This reminds me of "tough love" - doing things that may make our children uncomfortable, or even mad sometimes, in order to get them to do something that we know they can do.


Many years ago, we were gifted a new bunkbed from my in-laws. The boys were so excited! They both wanted the top, but we decided it was best for our oldest to have the top as our youngest was still very young and was already falling out of their bed (that wouldn't be good to fall out of the top of a bunkbed). Well, our oldest climbed right up to the top and was happy, until he wanted to come down. He wanted us to help him down. Hmmm. Nope! He needed to learn how to use the ladder in order to come down - as I was not going to be doing that for him every time he needed to come down. I showed him. I explained it to him. I encouraged him. Finally, I decided to leave the room because nothing was working. He got so mad! He was yelling and crying. Finally, he got so mad at me that he climbed down on his own. Success! Not the way that I desired it to happen, but he needed to get mad enough at me in order to do what I knew that he could - all by himself.




Babies & Toddlers

* Go through the book with your child

* Discuss what's going on in each picture



* Go through the book with your child

* Have them tell you what is happening in each picture

* Ask them how they would feel if they were the baby bird


Kindergarten - 1st Grade

* Have them go through the book on their own

* Have them tell you what went on in the story

* Have them discuss how they would feel if they were the baby bird

* Ask them what their favorite part of the story was


2nd Grade - 3rd Grade

* "Read" through the book on their own

* Have them tell you what the story is about

* Have them discuss how they would feel if they were the baby bird and/or the mama bird

* Ask them what their favorite part of the story was and why

* Ask them to tell of a time that they felt like the baby bird


4th Grade - 6th Grade

* "Read" the book on their own

* Write a book report answering the following questions/statements:

~ Write a summary of the story

~ How would you feel if you were the baby bird

~ How would you feel if you were the mama bird

~ What was your favorite part of the story and why

~ Tell of a time that you felt like the baby bird


7th Grade - High School

* "Read" the book on their own

* Draw their own picture book about a time that they felt like baby bird

Click below if you would like to purchase this book for your own home library!













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