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Easter Eggs Bible Verse Activity & FREE Printout

April 13, 2017

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Do you need a quick Easter activity that your kids will love? Look no further! Here is a simple Easter egg activity to teach your children a Bible Verse about the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.


Here's What You Need

Printout (click the picture below to print)

7 plastic eggs


Sharpie marker


Here's What You Do

1) Print out the Bible Verse above and cut out the strips (or use your own Bible Verse)


2) Label the plastic eggs 1-7, giving each egg their own number


3) Put the Bible Verse strip in the corresponding egg (see list below)

                                           1 - He

                                           2 - is not here.

                                           3 - He

                                           4 - has risen.

                                           5 - Just as He said.

                                           6 - Matthew 28:

                                           7 - 6


4) Hide the eggs around your house and have your children find them


5) Open the eggs one at a time and have that child read what it says (or read it for them depending on their reading ability)

6) As the parts of the Bible Verse is being read, do the corresponding hand motions to help your children memorize the verse.


He - point to heaven

is not here - shake head "no"

He - point to heaven

has risen - act like you're sleeping and then wake up
Just as He said - point to mouth as you are shaking your head "yes"

Matthew 28 - hold up 2 fingers and then 8 fingers

6 - hold up 6 fingers


Do this activity a few times to solidify the Bible Verse in their minds. 


Most importantly ----- Have Fun!


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