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Printable Turkey Math

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Did you all see the Turkey Spelling that we just put out? If you haven't printed it yet, click HERE and go do that. Then come back because you are not going to want to miss Turkey Math.

This Turkey Math will make math a little more fun for this month of Thanksgiving. Simply print out the document below, cut, and voilá you have a math activity! If you want colored feathers, just print on colored paper.

Here is what is included on the feathers:

* all numbers 0-100

* addition (+) sign

* subtraction (-) sign

* multiplication (x) sign

* division (/) sign

* greater than (>) sign

* less than (<) sign

* blank feathers

(so you can make them whatever you want)

If you want to laminate the turkey, you could have your child write the answer on the turkey itself!

There are so many possibilities for this activity! We hope you enjoy it and you kids have fun doing Turkey Math!

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