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Preparing Your Hospital Bag...Keeping It Simple

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It's been 10 years since the last time I have had a baby, so I kind of forgot what to bring to the hospital with us when it's time to deliver our precious bundle. I went on Pinterest to find a list that I could go off of. That was a mistake.

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I love Pinterest, don't get me wrong. You can find just about anything that you want on there. The problem is...there is just too much stuff on there sometimes. It's very overwhelming sometimes, you know? I just wanted to find a simple list to help me think about what to bring to the hospital when our son is born.

There is no simple list, that I have found. There were a few that were close, but I still thought that there were too many items on their lists. I mean, someone actually said to limit your bags to 3 or less bags. 3 bags? How long do they plan on staying in the hospital, 2 weeks? That's fine for them, but I plan on staying as little time in the hospital as possible. One reason is that we are self-pay and the longer that we stay, the bigger the price tag. The other reason, and probably the most important, is I would just rather be at home. I can't sleep in the hospital, my husband can't sleep, they keep coming in every 30 minutes to check on something, and it's just not as comfortable as our own home. I always just feel much better when we get our new baby home and we can just relax there.

Of course, if we NEED to stay longer, we obviously will. We always make sure that the baby is fine to go home and that I am good to go as well. We are planning on 2 days at the most, if everything goes well and I don't need a C-section. We also live about 10 minutes away, so my husband can always go home to shower and change, if necessary.

I was able to pack everything that we will need for myself, my husband, and our bundle of joy into 1 bag, with room to spare. I put everything in Ziploc bags with labels to make it easier to find and for my sanity to make sure that we got everything.

Here is my list of items that are in our 1 hospital bag. Click Here for a FREE Printable Checklist.


1 dress to go home in

2 pairs of socks (1 light & 1 a little heavier)

1 nursing bra


(including lotion, chapstick, comb, hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste,

tissues, face wipes, contact case, and contact solution)

I wasn't going to bring a dress to wear home, but then I figured, in case my water broke on the way, I would want a clean outfit to wear. I chose a dress because it was long and loose so that I could just throw it on and go home.

My Husband

1 shirt

1 pair of comfortable shorts

1 pair of underwear


(including toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, ibuprofen)

Baby Boy

1 outfit to go home in

1 pair of mittens (for scratching)

2 blankets

(one for breast feeding in the hospital and

one to go home in, if needed)

Last Minute Grabs

I made a separate bag for things that we need to grab right before we go to the hospital.

This will include:

my glasses w/ case

laptop w/ charger

phones w/ chargers

We are having the baby in the summer, in Arizona, so we don't need to think about any sort of warm clothing or blankets. Depending on where you live, you will need to think about the weather and what you and your family will need for that.

Let us know what you needed in your hospital bag!

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