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Library and Educational Services LLC Review

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We love books! In fact, an entire section of Homeschool 4 Life is dedicated to reading books on video for younger children. When I heard about Library and Educational Services LLC, I was really excited to go on their website to check out what they have.

We were able to choose a book from the "Who Was...?" series, one CD from the Lifehouse Theater CDs series, and then $60 in other books from their Reinforced Hardcover Library Binding Nonfiction books. Wow! Was I excited!

Our 10 year old chose "Who Was Dr. Seuss?" and "Trapped In Aesop's Fables" Lifehouse Theater CD. I wasn't too surprised when he chose Dr. Seuss. He has always loved Dr. Seuss books and now he can actually learn about one of his favorite authors. We read this one as a read aloud. I read some of it to him and his grandparents read some more of it to him. I just wanted him to enjoy the book and having some together time. It starts out by telling about what Theodore Seuss Geisel was like as a child. I didn't know that he was a German American whose father made beer. Their family was effected by prohibition and the war. It goes on to tell about how he was inspired to write the books that made him so famous. Great book! We really want to get our hands on some of the other "Who Was...?" books!

He wasn't too sure about "Trapped in Aesop's Fables", but I thought that he would like it. He likes the stories of the "Ant and the Grasshopper" and "The Tortoise and the Hare", so he decided to pick this one. Our 10 year old really liked listening to this. It lasted about 1 hour and he wanted to listen to it in one sitting. I gave him the option of splitting it up into smaller sections, but he just wanted to keep going. That tells me that he really liked it. I enjoyed listening to it as well. I liked how the boy, Henry, actually was a part of the stories. I thought that he would just watch the story. He was the grasshopper in "The Ant and the Grasshopper", the hare in "The Tortoise and the Hare", the boy in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", the gander in "The Goose and the Golden Eggs", and the father in "The Milkmaid and Her Pail". He has to find out the life lesson in each story before he could go back home. Our son kept saying, "I really like these stories!" When we finished listening to it, he asked if there were more CDs of Aesop's fables. I had to tell him that there were not, but there were other CDs that he could get. I can see him listening to this again and again in the future. There are great sound effects! We really felt like we were there.

I really like their website. They have it well organized that it was easy to find books in the grades of our boys. The books are also categorized by homeschool resources, CDs, Bibles, for kids, teens, etc. We were able to get books for both of our boys for less than $60. Unbelievable? Just check out what we got and the money that we saved.

For our high schooler, I chose The Rosen Comprehensive Dictionary - Set of 4. It's list price is $150.80. Library and Educational Services sells it for $37.70. That's a savings of $113.10! Crazy! These are a set of 4 dictionaries the he will be able use throughout his high school classes of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Math. When he comes to a word that he doesn't understand in one of his classes, he will be able to look it up in one of these dictionaries. He was a little nervous when he saw them at first, because he thought that he had to read through all of them. I told him that they were dictionaries for him to go with his other classes and it calmed down his fears a little. These will be great resources for him!

I let our 10 year old look through the website to find books that he would like to have. We just clicked on the 5th grade section of the website and he was able to look through all that they had available for his level. He wanted animal books and so he focused on those books. He chose the "Animals of the Night" - Set of 3. This came with "Big Cats After Dark", "Owls After Dark", and Raccoons After Dark". This set's list price is $56.85. Library and Educational Services sells it for $17.05, for a savings of $39.80! When he saw these books, his first reaction was "Wow! These are hard back books! I love hard back books!" These really are great quality books!

I wanted to see what they have available in the Homeschool Resources section of the website. Their Chemistry: Master's Class Science looks interesting. It is lab-based as well as Christian based. It's list price is $39.90, but LES sells it for $27.99 for the student book. Our high schooler needs to take Chemistry and this could be a great textbook for him to go through. That's another thing that I like about these books. Library and Educational Services LLC go through each book that they sell to make sure that it doesn't contradict the Bible. Wonderful! Family friendly books at great prices. This is such a wonderful resource for families!

I will definitely be using Library and Educational Services LLC the next time we need books for classes or just for fun! There are so many books to choose from and you can't beat the savings! Perfect for any family!

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