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Brain Blox Fun Family Chess Review

Updated: 3 days ago

I have always wanted to learn how to play chess. To be honest, though, it has always intimidated me because of all of the pieces doing different things. I knew that the horses were called "knights". I also knew the pawns, queen, and king. I didn't, however, know what they could or couldn't do. I wasn't sure what the goal of chess was even. There is a lot of strategy in it as well and I just never thought that I could do it. That was until we started playing Fun Family Chess by Brain Blox.

Brain Blox has made learning chess easy and fun. My 10 year old and I have enjoyed learning how to play chess together. He learned it a lot faster than me, partially because he played a lot more. He even figured out a way to play by himself!

What makes Fun Family Chess so different from "normal" chess is mainly this die that you get. With each person's turn, the die gets rolled. This tells you which piece that you can move in that turn. If you cannot move that piece because it is blocked or you don't have that piece anymore, you roll the die again. If you get the star, you can choose your own piece or you can move the king.

They even teach you what each piece can do with this easy to use card. Each player gets one in order to be able to check it throughout each game. The card is made with thicker than card stock paper. It seems like it will hold up under multiple uses. I might end up laminating it depending on how much we use it. We ended up not using it as much after we played a few games because we already knew what the pieces did. That's kind of the whole point with it, though.

The board is even marked with where each piece goes. Thank you, Brain Blox, for that. Those pictures made setting up each game a cinch!

With each set, you receive the board, two sets of pieces (a white and a red), the die, card to tell you what each piece does, as well as an instruction booklet. The board, die, and pieces are all made from wood. My husband makes things with wood and so we loved this! The pieces came in really nice velvet bags with drawstrings. Everything fits inside the board, which folds up and locks everything inside. Genius! I loved that I didn't have to find something to keep everything in so nothing gets lost.

Here's what our 10 year old thought:

I think that it’s really cool how they made chess way easier for kids so that it’s not all strategy and stuff. It’s also nice that how it can teach kids things like patience. I think that it was really cool to play chess. It was a really good idea to put the chess board as the case, too.

When we first received our board, we got two sets of red pieces. Um, it's kind of difficult to play chess with both players having the same color. As soon as Brain Blox found out the mistake, they quickly sent us an entire new set. Within a few days, we were able to play with the new set. Their customer service is fantastic! They are very customer friendly. This company is actually a homeschooling family who started their own business. You can tell that they are all about learning by just looking at their products. The Fun Family Chess Set is meant to teach the entire family how to play chess. The Brain Blocks Wooden Building Planks are another item that they have. There is an endless amount of learning with those. We were able to review the Brain Blocks Wooden Building Planks, which you will see later this week.

We really love the Fun Family Chess set by Brain Blox. My 10 year old and I have learned how to play chess and it didn't take us long. We didn't transition into "normal" chess because we were having so much fun with the Fun Family version. The booklet that comes with the set teaches you how to transition into playing the actual chess game. This is something that we will work ourselves into later as he is ready. I can tell that this set is going to get a lot of usage in this family!

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