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Baby Tracker ~ A FREE Must-Have Baby App

Updated: Jul 1

While I was still pregnant, I started searching apps on my phone that have to do with babies. I found Baby Tracker, for FREE, and I am so glad that I did!

** This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. There are also links on this page that if you simply click on them, they will benefit our family with no purchase necessary. Thank you for supporting our blog. **

First of all, I get nothing out of advertising this wonderful iPhone App. I just thought that it would be useful for our community of readers and wanted to let you all know about it.

We just had our third baby and I have to tell you, it's difficult to keep track of all of his feedings and diaper changing. I took him to his first doctor appointment and they wanted to know how he is eating and how many wet & dirty diapers that he had. I was so happy that I had been tracking everything on this App. I only needed to pull out my phone and check the log. So easy!

Here are some of the features of Baby Tracker:

This is the first screen showing the options: feeding/diapering/sleep/pumping/other.

There's a log of all of the activity that you've entered so far.

You can change the colors, font, unit of measurement, etc. to fit your needs!

Another thing that I like about this App is that it has timers on it. For our little one, because he is a preemie, we have to make sure to feed him at least every 3 hours. I just set me timer on the App and it sends me a notification on my iPhone and iWatch to let me know when the 3 hours is up.

I just love this App. It makes it so easy to keep track of how much he's eating, when he's eating, and how many diapers he's had. With lack of sleep, my body changing back, and the rush of hormones, this App helps me to track all of the essentials for our new baby.

The best part? It's FREE! Go to the App Store on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iOS 10.0 or later. This is definitely an essential!

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