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52 Printable Research Topics For The Year

As with most kids, our 10 year old loves to use the computer. He is learning more than just playing games on the computer now in order to complete his school work. He did a large project for Christmas where he completed a Keynote presentation about the wise men.

Since he liked doing that project, and it's really great practice for him, I wanted him to continue researching information throughout the year. That's why I came up with 52 Research Topics For The Year!

I looked through our 2020 Printable Calendar with Seasons & Major Holidays and wrote down the holidays and seasons. It'll be great for him to look those up and learn more information about them. Then I looked for other minor holidays and put those on there. Finally I had a few weeks left in the summer months and so I looked online for any special holidays that happen in the month of July. Did you know that there an Ice Cream Day, Hot Dog Day, and Blueberry Day, to name a few? I certainly didn't. So, I thought it would be fun for him to research those as well.

I left the topics general enough for any age group to be able to research it. For younger student, they can find out when it started. For older students, they can find out more details about it and the stories behind them. You choose what you want your students to learn about each of these.

Just click on the picture below to print it out! Enjoy!

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